2015 Extraordinary Pro Bono Service Award Winners

3-3-15 Hon. James B. McMillan Fellowship Fund Dinner
Hon. James B. McMillan Fellowship Fund Dinner & presentation of the Julius L. Chambers Diversity Champion Award featuring Keynote Speaker Dr. James Leutze. Proceeds support fellowships to nonprofit and government agencies. Register by 2/26/15.

3-5-15 Lawyers' Luncheon Series - Poetic Justice: Legal Humor in Verse
Join your colleagues at a regular monthly luncheon to eat, socialize and hear from J.D. DuPuy, MCB Member and author of Poetic Justice: Legal Humor in Verse. 12:15 p.m. - 1:15 p.m. at the Bar & Foundation Center

3-6-15 Come Rap With Us - The Business of Practicing Law
Free networking event and lunch to connect informally with peers, ask questions and discuss topics related to transitioning from a large firm and starting out on your own. Register by 2/25/15.

3-19-15 Memorial Service for Thomas D. Windsor
Friends and colleagues are encouraged to attend and, if desired, say a few words in celebration of Mr. Windsor’s life.

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2015-16 MCB Board of Directors Nominations
Interested members of the MCB are encouraged to submit their names or the names of other active members for consideration as nominees for various offices and board of directors’ seats. Nominations due by noon on March 9.

Firm & Attorney Announcements - NOW FREE!
MCB members and their firms/companies may now share promotions, accomplishments, updates and other important news with their peers and fellow Bar members for no charge.

2015 Justice for All Luncheon
Featuring Hon. Mark Martin, Chief Justice of the N.C. Supreme Court and Chair of the N.C. Equal Access to Justice Commission. Thurs., Mar. 12 and 12 p.m. The Westin Hotel

2015 Extraordinary Pro Bono Service Awards
Rebecca K. Lindahl, Sodoma Law and Carol Jones Van Buren were honored with 2015 Extraordinary Pro Bono Service Awards at the Bar Leadership Dinner on January 29.

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The Changing Tide
By Hon. Carla N. Archie

Years ago, I read an article about our shifting perspective on life as we move through the decades.  The author suggested that our personal motivation and focus is different, depending on whether we were in our 30s, 40s, 50s, and so on.  At the time I read the article, I was in my 30s and not completely convinced of the author’s theory.  But now in my 40s, I believe the same is true of our professional motivation and focus, as I look back over the first two decades of my career and see the changing tide.


In my 20s, I was intently focused on cultivating my skills and establishing my reputation.  It was critical that I learned to blend the art of practicing law with the black letter rule of law.  So I spent time studying the “masters” in my field - experienced prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys - borrowing pages from their playbooks.  I learned the importance of developing a litigation theme.  I learned to keep the presentation simple and never talk above the audience.  I learned that “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Read More

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