2016 - 17 MCB Board of Directors
(July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017)

Executive Committee 2016-17




F. Lane Williamson



Heather W. Culp


Timika Shafeek-Horton




Christopher C. Lam



Tracy H. Hewett

Treasurer and Chair, Finance Committee


M. Heath Gilbert Jr.


Cory Hohnbaum

Past President




Class of 2017

Hon. Selina M. Brooks

Sarah F. Hutchins

Gregory Kilpatrick
Amanda A. Mingo*

E. Taylor Stukes

Kenneth R. Raynor


Class of 2018

Andrew F. Lopez

Reggie E. McKnight
Shalanna L. Pirtle

Anthony B. Taylor

Hon. Louis A. Trosch Jr.

Jameson P. Wells

Class of 2019

Katherine T. Armstrong

T. Russell Ferguson III

M. Heath Gilbert

Hilary L. Hayes

Christian H. Staples

Erin K. Taylor

Young Lawyers Division Chair

R. Jeremy Sugg


ABA Delegate

Clark C. Walton





Nancy M. Roberson, Executive Director



Judicial Liaisons

Hon. W. Robert Bell
Hon. David C. Keesler
Hon. Regan A. Miller

North Carolina State Bar Councilors

David Neal Allen
Robert C. Bowers

A. Todd Brown Sr.

Mark Henriques

DeWitt "Mac" McCarley

Nancy B. Norelli
Eben T. Rawls




Each year, the MCB is led by a dedicated Board of Directors and a visionary President.

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*Nominated to serve a one-year vacancy