Mecklenburg Bar Foundation Book Drive

Remember your favorite book?

The Mecklenburg Bar Foundation (MBF) is holding a book drive benefiting Larry King's Clubhouse (LKC) in May and June! Not only does LKC provide a safe and enriching space for children at the courthouse, they strive to give a new book to every child they see. Can you help reach the goal of collecting 4,000 books for LKC?

1. Donate new books the next time you visit the Bar & Foundation Center or the Mecklenburg County Courthouse.

2. Visit LKC's Amazon wish list and send them new books directly.

3. LKC can order new books through the National Book Bank for just $.75 per book. Donate now!

What was your favorite book as a child? What's your child's current favorite book? Can you share those favorites with a child to who otherwise might not experience the joy of that book?

For more information, contact Sydney Hammond at or 704/375-8624.

The Mecklenburg Bar Foundation has received an anonymous donation of 2,000 books in memory of Lib Harkey, mother of two current MCB members, Henry and Averill Harkey, and wife of deceased member, Henry Lee Harkey. Mrs. Harkey died on June 6, 2017 and had a strong commitment to serving the less fortunate in our community. She earned degrees from Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill focusing on social work, was a co-founding member of Planned Parenthood of Greater Charlotte, served on the Board of Florence Crittendon Services, as well as countless other charitable, service and church boards, organizations and campaigns.