The Mecklenburg County Bar recognizes one individual or firm each month for his or her dedication to volunteer and pro bono work.  Please click on the links below to read about how these enthusiastic volunteers are making a difference in our community.


 July 2014 Deepa T. Winebarger


 April 2014


Carol Jones Van Buren



December 2013

 Jeremy M. Deese

 Jeremy M. Deese

October 2013  Chara M. O'Neale


 July 2013  Andrea M. Gervais


 June 2013  R. Jeremy Sugg


May 2013  Richard S. Wright


 March 2013  L. Max Diaz


 February 2012

David B. Whelpley Jr.



October 2012


Christopher J. Dickson



September 2012


Kathryn B. Wysong

 August 2012 Landon S. Eustache


 July 2012  Marc S. Gentile

 Marc S. Gentile

 April 2012  Denise L. Presely


February 2012  Christopher Tucci & Jeff Schwartz  

November 2011

 Sarah L. DiFranco


 September 2011  Wendy L. Spanbauer


 August 2011  Heather W. Culp


July 2011   

Cynthia A. Aziz


May 2011  Irma Harpley & Cristina E. Ceron


 April 2011  Erica O. Chapin

 March 2011  Jacqueline Y. Ferrell


February 2011  Sean Perrin

Sean Perrin

 January 2011 Jennie Boswell

 Jennie Boswell

 November 2010  Kimberly Zirkle

 Kimberly Zirkle

 October 2010  Ajanaclair Lynch

 Ajanaclair Lynch

 September 2010  Tina Y. Tanhehco 

Tina Tanhehco

 August 2010

 Robert J. Hahn

 Robert J. Hahn 

 July 2010  Omari K. Sealy

Omari K. Sealy

June 2010    Fred B. Monroe 

Fred B. Monroe




May 2010         Katya Riasanovsk             Katya Riasanovsk


April 2010     Charlotte School of Law 3L Students, Wills Clinic - Natalie Boyd, Lindsey Houk and Matthew Schrum





March 2010  Kodwo Ghartey-Tagoe    Kodwo Ghartey-Tagoe



February 2010         Jennifer Turner    Jennifer Turner



January 2010         Brian Cromwell     Brian Cromwell



December 2009   Tommy Holderness  Tommy Holderness




November 2009 Jerry Jernigan

Jerry Jernigan


October 2009 Austin Nash

Austin Nash


September 2009 Ryan Thompson & Molina Arena-Randall

Thompson, Arena-Randall


August 2009 Tim Logan

Tim Logal


July 2009 Clark Walton

Clark Walton


June 2009 Ryan Rich        

Ryan Rich


May 2009 Brooke Shultz

Brooke Shultz


April 2009 Karen Philippin

Karen Philippin